Forever Green

ForeverGreen-SmllForever Green
Wild Rose Press, January 2015
978-1-62830-723-8 Paperback
978-1-62830-724-5 Digital

BuyItHereFormer Olympic gymnast Kim Parker will do anything to complete her environmental science degree, including the collection of final data in Yosemite. Too bad she needs to go past the off-limits signs, but she’s sure she can slip in and out without any problem. Vampire Rakesh Alcourt pumps enormous funds into research to save the environment. He even took a job as night ranger in Yosemite to carry out his own studies. Though humans endanger the planet, thousands of years ago he was sworn to protect them. Even from him. But when he catches a young woman in his off-limits section of Yosemite, the brutal Hunger he was certain he had conquered long ago stuns him. When a top secret project to wipe out a third of the human species throws Rakesh and Kim together, and the attraction between them explodes, the race to save humanity begins.

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