Words of the Witches

words1“Angel Web”
August 2002 
Berkley Publishing Group

ISBN 0-425-18497-8


Welcome to the world of Witches. Here, collected for the first time, are new works of short fiction by modern-day Witches and their friends. These contemporary tales will both entertain and illuminate the reader about the reality of Witchcraft and what modern magic truly entails.

Angel Web
Peter Angelakos is on top of the world. He’s just finalized plans to launch Angel Web , a device that will revolutionize data transmission, and will make him as wealthy as, well, Midas. 

Maire O’Donnell is furious. She just discovered that her mentor, Professor Peter Angelakos, the man she loved more than any she’d ever met, the man who flunked her from the doctoral program in physics, has stolen the formula from her thesis. Now she has to confront him and convince him of the dangers of what he plans to do, for Angel Web , the very device that will make him rich, will open the path between the worlds and unleash the fury of the gods.

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