Door in the Sky (Book 1 of Nefer Curse Series)
Montague Books, 2012.
ISBN: 978-0-9882043-0-0

In thirteenth-century southern France, half-Basque witch Mariana de Reuilles must choose between two knights. Breton knight Richard de la Guerche knows of the old ways, the circle fires and standing stones. Yet Richard is betrothed to another. Heartbroken, Mariana refuses all suitors and secretly follows her mother's magic, a path that got her mother burnt at the stake.

Henri de Bauçais, knight and tortured soldier of the Inquisition, is sent to destroy Mariana. Yet he can't bring himself to carry out his orders. When a holy relic Rome seeks to seize at all costs comes down from the ashes of the Cathar stronghold at Montsegur and falls into Mariana's hands, the battle of love and fear begins.

Door in the Sky is the first book in the Nefer Curse series. If you like medieval paranormal romantic suspense, you’ll enjoy Door in the Sky.